2МP 30x Starlight HDCVI PTZ



2МP 30x Starlight HDCVI PTZ

· 1/2.8” 2Megapixel STARVIS™ CMOS
· Powerful 30x optical zoom
· Starlight technology
· 120dB true WDR, 3D DNR
· Max. 25/[email protected], 25/30/50/[email protected]
· IR distance up to 150m
· IP66

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System Overview

Featuring with powerful optical zoom and accurate pan/tilt/zoom
performance, the SD59 series PTZ camera can provide large monitoring
range and great detail. The camera delivers 1080P resolution at 25/30
fps, with 30x optical zoom, and has very excellent low light performance
due to adopting the latest starlight technology. SD59 series PTZ is
equipped with quick and smooth control, high quality image and good
protection, which make it can meet most of the requirements of video
surveillance applications.



HDCVI technology inherits the born feature of simplicity from traditional
analog surveillance system, making itself a best choice for investment
protection. HDCVI system can seamlessly upgrade the traditional
analog system without replacing existing coaxial cabling. The plug and
play approach enables full HD video surveillance without the hassle of
configuring a network.

Starlight Technology:

Thanks to our experience and expertise in hardware and software
development , the camera is equipped with the latest image processing
algorithm, high performance hardware and high quality optical
components, which make the camera have very exellent low light
performance. In most conditions, this camera can deliver clear, bright
and low-noise color images.

Wide Dynamic Range:

Embedded with industry leading wide dynamic range (WDR) technology,
vivid pictures are achieved even in the most intense contrast lighting
conditions. For applications with both bright and low lighting conditions
that change quickly, true WDR (120dB) optimizes both the bright and
dark areas of a scene at the same time to provide usable video.


With a temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to +158 °F), the
camera is designed for extreme temperature environments. Subjected
and certified to rigorous dust and water immersion tests, the IP66 rating
makes it suitable for demanding outdoor applications.


This camera suits even the harsh conditions for outdoor applications.
Its 6KV lightning rating provides protection against the camera and its
structure from the effects of lightning.


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